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About Us

Dog trained to sniff out quagga and zebra mussels from boats

About Mussel Dogs

Mussel Dogs provides consulting and inspection services for water agency and lake management professionals seeking comprehensive plans to inspect for the presence of quagga and zebra mussels. Mussel Dogs updates your current environmental plan with best practices to achieve efficient, boater-friendly inspections for quagga and zebra mussels. We partner with federal, state and municipal agencies to utilize the most current and effective methods to keep aquatic invasive species out of our waterways.

We were proud to participate in the filming of the pilot episode for Blue Collar Dogs….check it out!

Mussel Dogs is operated by Dogs With Jobs, LLC

We were approached by a local lake in 2008 and asked if we could train canines to help expedite the inspection process of watercraft for quagga and zebra mussels. Since then we have been permitted by California Department of Fish and Wildlife to possess quagga and zebra mussels for training, and now have multiple trained and certified canine teams utilized for inspections.

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Debi DeShon, dog trainer

About Debi Deshon

Debi DeShon is passionate about animals and our environment. Ms. DeShon received a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Business and Management from UC Davis in 1987. Afterwards, she attended Moorpark College and earned an Associates degree in Exotic Animal Training and Management in 1989.


Mrs. DeShon then launched her career in Hollywood training dogs for television and such iconic movies as "Beethoven". Subsequently she began working with Interquest Detection Canines as a canine handler in 1996. She has operated four Interquest Detection Canines franchises since 1999, and has been successfully training and managing canine teams in the detection of illegal drugs and contraband.

Mrs. DeShon founded Mussel Dogs in 2008 and has multiple canine/handler teams that detect quagga and zebra mussels. Mussel Dogs has been a key partner in protecting waterways across California, Iowa, Texas and Washington. Ms. DeShon has trained detection dogs and service dogs in collaboration with Greendog Project Rescue (GDRP).

Mussel Dogs also provides support services and training to other canine detection teams ranging from illegal drugs to termites. Learn more about our dog-training services at and visit our new store at!

The Rescued For A Reason program uses canines from the rescue to be trained in many aspects:

 • Brettanomyces Detection

 • TCA (cork taint) Detection 

 • PTSD Service Dogs 

 • Bed Bug Detection

 • Mussel Detection

 • Narcotics Detection

rescue organizations we partner with: 

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