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How We Do It

Eurasian quagga and zebra mussels are taking over our U.S. Western waters and we're here to help! Just pull your boat up to our check-stations and we'll sniff out those pesky mussels in under a minute or clear you for safe-boating! How do we do it? It's as easy as... Sniff, Sit, Play!
Mussel Dog playing after doing a good job
Mussel Dog illustration
Mussel Dog illustration, dog sits when it finds zebra mussels

1. Sniff!

2. Sit...

3. Play!

It's that easy! We quickly walk around your boat and before you know it, you're on your way! But if mussels or their veligers are there, we'll point 'em out and get rewarded with playtime!

Look for these        signs!

Sign saying Watercraft quagga/zebra mussel inspection ahead
Stop Sign for quagga/zebra mussel inspection
Sign reminding you to clean, drain and dry your boat
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