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Hexxer, Americas Top Dog Winner

Protecting our lakes and reservoirs from invasive quagga and zebra mussels

Mussel holding on, attach to boats and cause damage to the environment


About quagga and zebra mussels damaging the environment

The Situation

Since their appearance in the United States in 1988, quagga and zebra mussels have caused irreparable damage to the environment, and an estimated one billion annual costs in the United States to deal with them.

Mussel dog sniffs out any quagga and zebra mussels from a boat

The Solution

In under a minute flat, we'll inspect your boat and you'll be on your way! But if mussels or their veligers are there, "we'll sniff 'em out!" 

Rescue dogs train to be Mussel Dogs to help our environment

The Champions

From "Rescue" to Champion. We rescue underrated dogs in shelters that face the possibility of euthanasia and train them to be our champions with this pressing ecological problem! 

We work with everyone, around the U.S. West and beyond

  State and federal agencies, environmental organizations, academic institutions and private industry  

Debra DeShon, owner of Mussel Dogs

Lead Trainer


For over 25 years Debra DeShon has been handling, training and proving the amazing capabilities of detection dogs to provide reliable and cost effective interdiction services for natural resource managers and collect the highest quality data for researchers.

Mussel Dogs in action, sniffing out quagga and zebra mussels from a boat


Inspections, Education And Training

  • Workshops to introduce what quagga and zebra mussels are and why it is so important to prevent the spread of these aquatic invasive species

  • Performing Level 1 trainings to teach inspectors how to thoroughly and effectively screen and search watercrafts

  • Evaluating your present inspection processes and determining how to make it more efficient, effective and boater friendly

  • Providing both human inspection services and canine team inspection services

Instagram Happenings

Look for these        signs!

Sign saying Watercraft quagga/zebra mussel inspection ahead
Stop Sign for quagga/zebra mussel inspection
Sign reminding you to clean, drain and dry your boat
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