Training + Education

Education Is Key To Stopping Aquatic Invasive Species

Inspections are ineffective without boater participation and education. Mussel Dogs believes strongly that boater education is THE foremost way to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. That is why Mussel Dogs concentrates on educating the public as well as the client.

Boater Education

Mussel Dogs makes a point to educate boaters during inspections for quagga and zebra mussels. Engaging the boater during inspection activities is an opportune time to explain the importance of preventing the spread of quagga and zebra mussels and the steps they can take to stop the spread of these aquatic invasive species. Education campaigns include: “CLEAN DRAIN DRY”, “Don’t Move a Mussel”, and “Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers”. The boaters are also given instruction on what to do when exiting a waterway including:

  • Removing all plants and animal material

  • Pulling all drain plugs and draining water from all areas of the watercraft

  • Emptying all buckets, live-wells, and other water-holding equipment and DRYING

  • Checking all ropes, anchors, fishing equipment, water toys, etc. for the presence of mussels

  • Disposing of all bait in trash receptacle not adjacent to a waterway

  • Washing the hull of the watercraft thoroughly, preferably with high-pressured, warm water

  • Inspecting all exposed surfaces visually and manually by running your hand to feel for the mussels, which feel like sandpaper or velcro

  • Making sure there is NO water in the outboard unit, bilge area, live well, etc. (most watercraft are denied entrance due to any standing water)

We are also willing to offer public education classes to help further educate the public on the importance of preventing the spread of quagga and zebra mussels.

Training And Education On Quagga And Zebra Mussels

Mussel Dogs is also happy to provide onsite training classes to educate staff and inspectors for these aquatic invasive species. These classes follow the Don’t Move A Mussel Level 1 trainings. Completion of the course qualifies graduates to perform onsite inspections. Classes cover many topics including:

  • The importance of preventing the spread of quagga and zebra mussels

  • The ecological and financial impact these mussels have caused

  • The actual inspection process

  • The importance of boater education during the inspection process

As always, Mussel Dogs is proud to recognize all standard practices and guidelines set forth by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, 100th Meridian Initiative, and Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission. Please contact us for all your education and training purposes for these aquatic invasive species.

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