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Meet Freddy - Mussel Dogs


Meet Freddy


We are very proud to introduce Freddy Fahl as an additional handler of Popeye. Freddy has been a part of the Mussel Dog team for the past 3 years as a boat inspector and educator. His role has been to keep the line of boaters moving safely and educating the boaters on quagga and zebra mussels as Popeye is sniffing the boats. Freddy explains to the boaters the importance of Clean, Drain and Dry, that there are different regulations and inspections at every waterway and the importance of the boater to make sure that they are not transporting quagga or zebra mussels between waterways. Freddy has finished the training to become a Mussel Dog handler over these 3 years and was certified by an independent agency with Popeye. Freddy also works at the Humane Society of Tuolumne County in Jamestown CA, where he cares for and helps save and adopt out dogs and cats. Freddy has a special place in his heart for animals and they tend to feel the same way about him. With his 3 years of experience as a boat inspector for quagga and zebra mussels and his hard work to learn how to handle a detection canine, Freddy is the perfect addition to our canine handling team. Please take a moment to Congratulate Freddy on his accomplishment and his new position within Mussel Dogs!